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Mosaic Tile Frequency Ask Questions

2015-12-18 15:58:16
1. Can I devise my own colour schemes or patterns ?
Yes, our designer will according your pattern, sizes request to make art mosaic patterns. 
2. Are the mosaic tiles suitable for use in salt pools?
Yes, all tiles sold by AA TILE LIMITED are suitable for use in salt pools as well as conventional chlorine, ozone, ionizers etc.
3. How will pool mosaic tiles affect water color?
The water color you see is due to the interior's color plus reflections of the sky, surrounds and waterline colors. So you can make your pool's water appear darker blue by picking a dark blue tile. With fully tiled pools, the final water color will be slightly darker and bluer than the actual tile. We can provide assistance to help you achieve the end result you're looking for.
4. Are your mosaics supplied on mesh?
All our mosaics are mounted on mesh. This includes borders, pictures and plain mosaics. 

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