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How to install Swimming Pool Mosaics?

2015-12-18 15:46:36

1. Prior to construction , check the box mosaic carefully, in each box , display the model number , color , mosaic puzzle order.

2.Drain the pool completely. 

3.Clean the entire surface of the pool keep the surface dry.

4.Mix mosaic adhesive with water at a ratio of 3 to 1. Continue mixing to a creamy consistency and then leave the mix to stand for 5 minutes. Stir again and then use immediately. Do not mix more adhesive than you can use in 15 minutes or it will begin to set before installation and will not bond efficiently with the mosaic tiles.

5.It can be directly applied adhesive to the mesh back mosaics. Please note:  left enough gap between sheet to sheet for seam line .

6.Prepare the necessary sealant . Use a small shovel ash , taking a small amount of mixed sealant , evenly joint the gap , from bottom to top, then top to bottom to ensure that all the sealant joint can completely filled and no excess remains.

7. Start cleaning mosaic surface residual before the sealant dry penetrate. Prepare two buckets , one bucket of cleaner, one bucket of clean water.  First, wet rag in the first cleaner bucket , do not wring dry the rag, then wipe the dirty surface by circle way. Second, wet rag in the second clean water bucket and clean and wipe off any residue. Finally , wipe the surface again with a sponge until clean.

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