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10 steps of paving Wood Effect Ceramic Tiles

2016-04-28 15:29:49
Wood effect ceramic tiles have gained a good amount of popularity in recent years. Most clients really want floor to look as close to the real thing as possible. While still having all the durability that made them go with ceramic wood tiles. But it's a challange while installing 
, let's see some tips as bellow:

Step 1: "Confirming plan", staggered tiling 4/5, herringboned,I-shaped, atemate-shaped, kindly to confirm paving plan with your designer first. 

Paving way of wood effect ceramic tile

Step 2: "Leveling". Before paving wood effect ceramic tiles should gurantee the floor or wall keep flat. 

Step 3:"Snaping line", using needle work for snaping line, which will help tiles paving keep streight. 

Step 4: "Distinguish Tiles", Sort floor tile, wall tile, stair tile in different part which help easy for installing. 

Step 5: "Soaking tiles", Using clean water soak tile for wet is enought, no need long time. 

Step 6:“Mixing concrete". Mixed #325 cement:sand=1:2, higher cement will break ceramic wood tiles. 

Step 7: "Smearing concrete", pick out wetting wood effct tile and make it dry on the surface, smearing conrect on the tile back at 4/5"-6/5" thickness, then knocking the tile surface gentle.

Step 8:"Paving tiles", pay more attention on tiles' wood grain, keep same grain will make it greater. 

Step 9 "Adjusting" Slightly adjusting before cement concrete dry all while discover small unflatness. 

Step 10: "Gaping", gaping at 1/16" by similar tile color of joint mixture. 

wood effect ceramic tile

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