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AA TILE Frequency Ask Question

2015-12-18 15:52:27
1. Can I purchase tile directly from AA TILE?
Yes, AA TILE directly sell to the general public. However, AA TILE pursue widely network studio dealers in America and Canada. The studio dealers are knowledgeable tiles and mosaic experts who can help customers define the style of tile or mosaic tiles you are looking for. Become one of the AA TILE Studio Dealer nearest you, click on “JOIN US”.
2. With whom can I check the availability of a specific product?
AA TILE has a team of professional salesman who have access to product availability and pricing for the products you prefer.
3. May I check the price of a specific item.
AA TILE has full price list and our salesman who have access to product availability and pricing for the AA TILE you prefer. 
4. How long can I receive my sample(s)?
At the beginning, samples are sent from China. 3-4 working days be arrived. 
5. What about delivery?
We can deliver anywhere a freight company goes to. Delivery time 10-25 days after receiving deposit. 
6.How much material do I need to order for my job?
At least an extra five percent and most likely an extra 10 percent. This is going to ensure that you have enough to cover the cuts and waste. Before making final selection of a tiles, take wastage into account to make certain there will be enough material to complete the project. An often-forgotten fact is that the material from a tile today will be little color different from what was available six months ago. It is always recommended to order what is typically referred. 
7. Can I use Floor Tile on the wall?
Yes, but wall tile is never recommended for floor.
8. Will tile fade over time if exposed to direct sunlight?
No. AA tile's color and glaze are fired on at temperatures up to 1200 celsius degree. This allows tile to be installed in sunrooms, outdoors, or any other sunny places without concern about fading.
9. Are AA TILES resistant to oils and acids?
AA TILES are highly resistant. The combination of hardness and low- moisture absorption rate make ceramic floor tile impervious to virtually all acids (except hydrofluoric), alkalines, oils, and other caustic and corrosive substances.
10. Is it difficult to replace a broken tile?
Remove the grout around the broken tile first, then remove the broken tile carefully  using a hammer and chisel. (Don't forget to wear goggles). Scrape up all the hard mortar or adhesive. Then replace the tile and regrout.
11. How can I drill a hole through porcelain tile?
Diamond drill bit is the only thing hard enough to drill through porcelain tiles. 
12. Can tile make a small room look larger?
Yes, larger tiles give a cleaner look and can actually make a small area look larger. Depending on the room's size, a 12 inch or 13 inch tile will create the illusion of a larger room.
13. How to choose the grout color?
Contrasting grout colors tend to highlight each tile, creating a more dramatic grid effect. Ultimately, an individual's taste and style will determine the grout color selected. Use a complementary grout color to create a more uniform, blended look. 
14. Will grout stain or get dirty easily?
No. Grout will look as good as new for years if a penetrating type sealer is used after installation and spills are cleaned up quickly.
15. Is a tiled floor cold to the touch?
No. This is a common misconception. The temperature of the room determines the tile's temperature. If the room is cold the tile will be cold, if the room is warm the tile will be warm.
16. How hard is it to clean AA TILE? Does it require a special cleaner??
Wiping or damp-mopping regularly with water and an all-purpose cleaner will keep your tiles looking new. 
17.DO's and DON'Ts of AA Tile Care
    Do not walk on the tile before the adhesive has thoroughly dried. At least 24 hours after laying the tile with most tile adhesives
    Do not use harsh tool to clean tile (such as steel wool pads) which can scratch or damage the surface of tile.
Do test scouring pads in a small area first.
   Do use a silicone sealer on grout joints if continuous staining is a problem.

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