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Does Wood Look Tile can reach seamless tiling?

2016-05-12 14:57:04
It's very difficult to distinguish Wood Ceramic Tile and Wooden Tiles after paving due to their high imitation. Does wood look tile can reach seamless tiling like wooden tiles? 

The answer is: NO. 

Wood effect floor tile is a kind of ceramic tiles in fact, not wooden tiles. Its method of paving should be same with ceramic tiles. Wood effect tile is the result of trimming process, its sides formed curvature is not at right angles. When the two wood floor tiles fit together, the gap between two pieces is small, but can not match exactly. So to keep the seam is more suitable for paving. Moreover, Wood look tile as ceramic tiles product, can not be completely error-free. Even in the same batch production of ceramic tile, more or less has slightly error free in size, weight, thickness, color. It can be reduce errors, but can not be eliminated. 

The most important point is that tile thermal expansion and contraction, if haven't keep the seam between tiles, or leave a too small gap, leading to tiles on the resilience of the environment deteriorated, due to temperature change, will tile racking, save the normal life of short tiles.

Whether wood plank tiles or other ceramic tiles, paving best to keep the seam. Left seam size in general 0.06"-0.12", not less than 0.06". Gas can be nailed as a reference. And it is recommended that use similar colors with wood grain tile sealant make it looks professional, This method can make wood look tiles paving out better.

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