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Mosaic Art Patterns Paving Gap Method

2015-12-18 15:30:29
Mosaic Art Patterns’ material is abundant and strong three-dimensional sense. However after construction, many owners reflect the entire puzzle are "gray", and don’t have three-dimensional sense.Here are some tips on caulk:
1. First select correct sealant, many owners will choose white sealant directly, it’s the main reason leading to "gray" effect.  It’s better to choose similar color with background mosaic colors or crystal clear sealant. Unless the bottom is all white can choose white sealant directly. 
2. Be sure to carefully clean residual powder in the surface of the mosaic after finishing mosaic caulk (within 30 minutes is best). After 24 hours sealing is difficult to clean up.
3. Do not fill too full sealant, it’s best to sunken 1mm than the surface mosaic. When wiping seam, it’s better to wipe seam from top to bottom, but not "circle" hand joints. Thus could clean up the residual power in the surface, and make the surface more delicate.

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