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Recruit Global Distributor of Wood Look Tile

2016-07-22 15:21:48

Recruit Global Distributor of Wood Look Tile

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Recruit Global Distributor of Wood Look Tile

Wood look tiles are superior than normal wood floor tiles in many respects such as fireproofing, waterproofing, acidproofing and alkaliproofing. Moreover, wood grains are one of the classic styles that is popular among designers. Wood like tiles are made of pottery clay without using any timber. Raw materials for wood floor tiles are in extremely limited supply due to decreasing timber resources, and they are expensive as well, making wood floor tiles unable to expand production capacity unboundedly. As an alternative, ceramic wood look tiles will soon take over the place.

Wood grain tiles are flexible in textures, grains, sizes and styles, and now more and more people becoming fans of wood look tiles as their range of application keeps expanding as in many places where wood floor tiles are inapplicable, now boldly paving wood grain tiles such as balconies, corridors, bathrooms etc.

The market is here and the opportunity cannot be missed.
Please keep reading if you are still hesitant!

    What is features of wood look tiles?
    What different with Traditional wooden?
    Why choice us?
    How about the coming future?
    How to cooperating?
    What is the cooperative terms?
    How to contact us?


      Features of wood look tiles
      1. Healthy & environmental

      Free of methanol and any other hazardous substances to human beings.
      2. Effective heat availability, vertical heat dissipation
      Wood look tiles are warm in winter and cool in summer, making them very suitable for indoor use.
      3. No deformation, even in plum rain season
      Thicker and harder than wood floors, and do not deform under whatever weather conditions.
      4. Easy care, and water & fire resisting
      Insulated, completely flame retardant, low moisture absorption, moisture, acid & alkali-proof, anti-moth, wear-resistant, and long service life.
      5. Wide Designs Option
      Wood Look Ceramic Tiles imitate wood grain of birch, oak, walnut, rosewood etc with optional different levels of shades.
      6. Lifelike Texture
      Each piece of random texture is placed and the surface comes with sags and crests. The sizes are close to real wood floors. All grains are vividly similar to real wood grains.
      7. Flexible to match and a wide range of application
      Wood look tiles can be used indoor, outdoor or on the walls with different colors, sizes and in various matches in order to meet the visual demands of different people.


      Comparison between Traditional wooden floors and Wood look tiles

      What's ceramic wood look tile different with wood flooring?


      Traditional wooden floors

      wood look tile

      Harmful material

      Indoor pollution first "killer" - formaldehyde

      Formaldehyde-free, non-toxic

      Geothermal and rainy season

      1) Limited by the environmental constraints, small range of applications.

      2) With temperature, humidity changes, wooden flooring easy be corruption.

      1) Energy-saving and efficient, more suitable for geothermal season.

      2) Eliminate objective influence of the environment floor from material itself.

      Mothproof, anti-termite

      Easy be destroyed by insects and chewed by termites.

      Can't be destroyed by insects and chewed by termites.

      Wear-resisting, anti-slip effect

      Waxing, painting, poor wear-resisting and anti-slip effect.

      High-temperature firing, seamless, excellent wear resistant and anti-slip effect.

      Foot touching feeling.

      Elastic, foot touching feels good, but has big echo.

      Smaller elastic, foot touching feels relaxed, anechoic.

      Daily maintenance

      Require frequent maintenance

      Normal cleaning


      Our Advantages
      1. Professional production

      Three production lines specifically for the production of wood like tiles to guarantee our production capacity and set our dealers free from concerns about supply;
      2. Favorable prices
      Direct sales from the factory so that we can leave more profits to our dealers to promote more rapid market growth;
      3. Stable quality
      Professional technical teams controlling the entire processes of raw materials and production to avoid any possible quality problem;
      4. Custom-order is available
      We may produce tiles according to the designs and models provided by dealers to better suit the needs of local customers;
      5. OEM
      Dealers may also put their own brands on our products, it’s up to you.

      Lignum Vitae Wood Look Flooring Wood Grain Tile Anti-slip Larch Wood Grain Tiles Wood Look Ceramic Tile

      We're gonna do the following in the coming future
      1. Add more humanistic features
      There will be not just about wood grains anymore, we will add simulations of bamboos and cement accompanied with more humanistic features such as texts, designs and totems;
      2. Enhanced material performance
      All sorts of physical performances of full-body porcelain wood like tiles will be enhanced to achieve better adaptability and endurability;
      3. Different sizes and accessories
      Wood like tiles of different sizes together with accessories to adapt to different spaces and features for better performance;
      4. Extras
      Add functions such as floor heating and original timber scents given the premise that the quality and appearance are guaranteed, which will make wood grain tiles even more popular.
      ** More ideas are under investigation and discussion, your opinions are mostly welcomed.

      Cooperation Methods
      What we pursuit is to set up a long term, stable and win-win partnership. Ensuring that each batch of tiles are perfectly delivered to the customers by strict quality control, keep on launching potential products to meet with market demand, so that dealers maximize their benefits to the extreme.
      1. General Distributors
      Low entry standard, less investment, high profits, extra perk, enjoy with one to one service from customer manager.
      2. Regional Distributors
      Exclusive right of regional market development, greater challenge, more income, high subsidies, enjoy with one to one service from senior account manager.
      3. OEM
      If you have your own brand, welcome to authorize us to customize self product brand, our CEO will docking with you directly.
      4. Special Cooperation Projects
      For large-scale project, our CEO will organize a project team to collaborate with you, guarantee our customers have no worries about our products.
      5. Sales Representative
      With the name of our company as a sales representative sell products and after-sale service to your clients, earn a reasonable commission.
      ** Set of market development award;
      ** Welcome contact us directly for detailed terms.

      Cooperative Terms
      - Companies and individuals are eligible to apply;
      - Companies or individuals could provide valid legal copies of documents;
      - A fixed display space and office not less than 50 square meters;
      - No less than two individuals of the management team;
      - Good credit and reputation;
      - Love sales related product as described;
      - Willing to provide market information for Party A;
      - Willing to share Party A information on social networks.

      About us

      - Focus on North America market, determined to do the depth of services.
      - Abundant supporting resources for dealer service and value-added products.
      - Team service, nearly 10 years of exporting experience, we’re familiar with style design, production, warehousing sectors etc.
      - One-stop services, audits, order, inspection, export, customs clearance and other services readily available, will be trouble free with our one-stop services

      Mobile (Whatsapp/Wechat): +86-189 5989 6697



       Recruit Global Distributor of Wood Look Tile

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