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Compare between Natural Marble Tiles and Marble Look Porcelain Tiles

2015-12-18 15:30:15
1. High degree of simulation
Marble Look Porcelain Tiles comes from Italy, it was almost matt surface while into the market at the beginning. Now it transform to polished or semi-polished porcelain tiles. This change makes the Marble Look Tiles become more luxurious, better visual effect and the textures similar with natural marble. 
2.Better Price
Paving luxurious natural marble tiles at home, customs will be afraid of radiation, but can eliminate this while paving marble like porcelain tiles. What’s more, the marble look floor tiles much cheaper than natural marble. 
3. Easily Paving
Due to natural marble tiles heavy weight and radiation, customers will choose paving small space by natural marble at home. The imitation marble flooring tile is not only easy to cut, but also easily paving by the arts, sculpture, and ground combination applications.
4. Low maintenance costs
Marble Look Porcelain Tile greatest feature is high polished, low water absorption, non-radiation, same texture with natural marble. It’s great to apply in indoor areas, eg: apply in bathroom won’t appear oxidization like natural marble tiles, easy care. 

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