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AATILE Brief Story
AEmbellish the World
Mr. Alan.Wu, the founder of AA Tile, was born in Cizao Town of Quanzhou City, the hometown of tiles. He has accumulated 15 years of experience in design, production, sales and online marketing of tiles and also established extensive contacts in this industry. Graduating from the university as a computer major, Mr. Wu devotes himself to the Internet promotion and takes delight in sharing the existing tile resources collected by himself and constructing the websites to foreign customers' appetite. Mr. Wu also aspires to conduct market survey and study in the United States. His initial application for the U.S. visa in 2008 was somehow refused, but he did not lose heart and made great efforts to win the chance of stepping onto the United States in 2010. There, he was attracted by the local buildings of retro and individualized styles. He said, "I love the United States; I also find great pleasure in tiles. I'll bring Chinese tiles to the American and Canadian people so that more personalized classic buildings will be constructed."
Meanwhile, Mr. Wu is also supported by a professional team who love tiles, English and online marketing. Our director Lena Huang is one of the experienced and motivated teammates.   Taking the customers' needs into consideration, our team help the customers thousands of miles away get what they want and eliminate the barrier of distance. 
"AA" in our English company name takes the initials of "Ample" and "Architectural", namely, "ample diverse elements constitute classic and individualized architecture". Our logo is in the shape of an arrow with "e" a bit higher upwards, meaning "extension": we should not be satisfied with the current achievements but should pay more attention to future development no matter in products or in services. The arrow is composed of multiple colors, just like the colorful tile elements, implying that life needs to be decorated by these colorful elements. The square elements represent all kinds of buildings. Moreover, A is the first one of the 26 letters, and AA represents that we are committed to providing tiles of top quality and style.