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Office Address: #6-501 ZLHT Citong Road Fengze Quanzhou Fujian China 362000

Warehouse and Showroom: Xiaguanlu Cizao Jinjiang Quanzhou Fujian China 362214



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 Quanzhou Cross Sea Bridge

 Quanzhou Ancient Stone Tower

 Quanzhou Zheng Chenggong

 Quanzhou Traditional Architecture

Quanzhou City Symbol  

Cross Sea Bridge

 Ancient Stone Tower

 Zheng Chenggong

Traditional Architecture

City Symbol 

Quanzhou Guesthouse   (5 stars; address:168 East Tonggang Street, tel:+86 595 28239999)

Wanda Vista Quanzhou   (5 stars; address:719 Baozhou Road, tel:+86 595 68298888)

Quanzhou C&D Hotel   (5 stars; address:129 West of South Citong Road, tel:+86 595 28019999 )

Quanzhou Hotel   (5 stars; address:22 Zhuangfu Lane, tel:+86 595 22289958)

Youde Hotel   (4 stars; address:Qingyi Building Citong Road, tel: +86 595 28991999)
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 Quanzhou Guesthouse

 Wanda Vista Quanzhou

Quanzhou C&D Hotel 

Quanzhou Hotel 

Youde Hotel 

 Quanzhou Guesthouse

 Wanda Vista Quanzhou

 Quanzhou C&D Hotel

 Quanzhou Hotel

 Youde Hotel


Air - Quanzhou, or rather Jinjiang across the river, has an airport with flights to various mainland cities. Nearby Xiamen has a more important airport with good domestic connections, including flights to Hong Kong and Macau and quite a few international flights.
Bus - Long-distance bus services also run daily/nightly to Shenzhen and other major cities.
Train - The new high-speed rail line running along Fujian's sea coast, serves the new Quanzhou Station, located some 12 km northwest of the city proper, off Hwy S307. It is served by frequent high-speed trains running between Fuzhou and Xiamen. Some trains continue north to Wenzhou, Hangzhou, and Shanghai, and in the future (after 2012), one will be able to travel all the way south to Shenzhen; see High-speed rail in China for details.

Boat - There is regular ferry service from Taiwan-controlled Kinmen Island to the port of Shijing , some 50 km south of downtown Quanzhou. (CNY150, or NT750). However, as the early 2012, only PRC and ROC (Taiwan) citizens can use it.
Taxi - 24 hours server, the driver can know Chinese only.



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