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How to install Rustic Porcelain Tiles?

2015-12-18 15:46:58
1. Select Rustic Tiles
Ward with large tiles, a small room with a small tiles. 20 sqm room suggest to choose 600 * 600mm tiles 10-20 sqm can choose 300 * 600mm tiles, and less than 10 sqm suggest to choose 300 * 300mm tiles.
2. Test Pavement 
Test to pave on the ground. After finished pave the same color and size then to use the adjacent color. Distinguish the different categories colors and  marked a number on the bottom. If the tile has a pattern or directivity patterns, the product should paving by way of illustration, in order to best decorative effect.
3. Mix mortar
Clean up the scene, smooth the mortar completely, then stake out a line on the ground.
4. Left seam/gap
Mostly left 3-10mm gray seams (less than 5mm fix with a cross, more than 5mm fixed with slats) to pursue beauty effect.
5. Pave Tiles 
Paving Tiles is better to start while basement coagulation. Gently push the tiles, in order to keep tiles balance with basement, that’ll be easy to discharge air bubbles. Tap tiles with hammer handle, tiles bottom slurry fully to avoid hollowing phenomenon. Knock the tiles by a wooden hammer again. At the mean time, measure by level tape to ensure the tiling keep straight.
6. Clean Tiles
In 30 minutes after paving tiles (depending on the climate and the degree of cement condensation), promptly use wet sponge clean the tile surface, It’s difficult to clean the surface after hiding dirt for long time.
7. Knock Tiles
After finishing a certain area paving tiles, use sealant (or white water slurry, gypsum slurry, etc.) calibrating fill seam between the tiles. While sealant dry, brush the varnish resistant stain. Please pay attention to use building diluted glue sealant.
8. Inspect Tiles
Inspect tiles after paving 12 hours, use wooden hammer knock tiles to check whether there is empty sound phenomenon between tiles. If could hear empty sound  while tap tiles that means hollowing phenomenon, it must be re-paving.  It can be walked and scrub after 24 hours.
9.Keep Cleaning
Rustic Porcelain Tiles should be avoid friction with hard objects to avoid scratches. Keep tile clean, while stained colored on the tiles, must quickly clean. 

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