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How to Install Hexagonal Tiles?

2015-12-18 15:47:29
Hexagonal Tiles can be used in Floor and Wall, please pay attention the paving gap should be 0.5-0.6cm (0.2"-0.24")
Hexagonal tiles each side is not absolutely equal, the size and shape aren’t absolutely equal like rectangular tiles. Keep 0.6 cm gap is more easy for construction workers  flexibility to fine-tune the position. Stick too closely, easily drop out or left a crooked strange gaps.

Foreign home design platform Apartment Therapy shows 3 tips how to install perfect hexagonal tiles:

1. Do not pick too small piece of hexagonal tiles 
2.Do not choose all white colors3. Mix and match colors should not be too neat, or else giving a dull boring impression.

3.Mix and match White, Grey, Black colors is the most popular paving ways for Hexagonal Tiles. 

Mix and match White, Grey, Black colors is the most popular paving ways for Hexagonal Tiles. 

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