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The Origin and History of Tile

2015-12-18 15:29:30

Tile is extremely common decorative materials as home improvement projects, learn to appreciate tile , the history of ceramic tiles , it will help determine the style .

The Birth of Tiles

I’st a long history while using tiles, it was appeared in the inner room of the ancient Egyptian pyramids , and began to combine with the bath together a long time ago . In the Islamic countries , tiles painted with floral and plant motifs . In medieval England , people use different color geometric tiles laid on the floor of churches and monasteries .

Development of Peramic Tiles

Tiles birthplace in Europe , is particularly worth mentioning is Italy, Spain and Germany. In the 1970s , a " new style Italian household products ," the exhibition at the American Museum of Modern Art and other places on display , from the establishment of a worldwide position in the Italian home design . Italian designer to integrate the needs of individuals to tile design, combined with uncompromising attention to detail , to provide the home owner nuanced feelings. Another representative of the tiles Spanish tiles design , Spanish tiles generally color, texture rich , diverse varieties by consumers of all ages. At present, imported Spanish tiles still dominated by traditional classical type . In the 21st century , tiles starting from materials development to gentrification , shape , color and surface processing. In the field of ceramic tiles inside the process , German always at the forefront . For example, Germany is the world's first national industrial production can be achieved only monochrome vitrified tile inlay .

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