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Teach You the Right Methods to Maintain Ceramic Tiles

2016-08-31 17:52:59
Ceramic tiles are quite attractive and popular because they can make our homes elegance. Especially a good ceramic can bring classy and luxurious for home interiors. They beautify our homes and can stand in years with their durable and harness. But they also needs cleaning and maintenance regularly.

Ceramic tiles will look dull and dirty if we don’t clean them regularly, that’s the biggest reason why people who have houses with dirty tiling choose to turn it off. Take ceramic floors for example, ceramic floors are very much attractive indeed as they create such beauty and elegance inside our homes. Many people prefer to use ceramic tiles for house flooring because of its timely durability. Because ceramic tiles has such strength and durability so that it can consume heat and cold without breaking. The problem is the tile can’t clean itself, so the cleaning duty and job is the owner. Another problem is the bathroom tiles, they can be really dirty within just weeks of not being cleaned.

So what we need to do to maintain the glaze and shine of the ceramic tiles? Actually the methods is quite easy, we only need to get the proper cleaning materials and clean the tiles regularly. We can also protect it from further damages, cracks, and scratches from sudden debris. Besides that, we all know how much we do not like to see dirty tiles with all the germs and bacteria that live in the edges of it. It can be very dangerous for us to live in a place with dirty tiling.


It can be very easy to clean the ceramic tiles. All we need to prepare is detergent soap, scrubs, bleach, mop, vacuum cleaner for the dust, and other brushing materials for the edges and corners.


Ceramic Floor Tiles


First, we need to move the furniture so that we have the entire place just for cleaning.
Second, we start using the detergent soap and scrubs to scrub the floor, we need to get into the corners in between the ceramic floor tiles because there is dirt that is stuck between these place that are usually dark in color. They are the molds that came from the moist of the floor. If we scrub these away regularly, it is easier to remove. But if they are in there for quite some time now, we need the heavy duty tools to do the job for us. That is why you always need to clean your tiles regularly.

Three, mop the tiles. This will wash out the bubbles together with the dirt and water for the scrubbing. We will let it dry after that. When it is completely dried, we can then vacuum it so the remaining dusts and dirt will be sucked into the vacuum leaving the tile fully cleaned.

This methods has to be done for all the tile surfaces in our homes. It is the right way we can do to keep our tiles clean and durability. Have you learned the method already?

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