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Why Glazed Porcelain Tiles Can Help You Build A Perfect House?

2016-11-03 16:42:26
Although it is not very easy to distinguish the differences between porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles from the appearance, but there is actually many differences between these two kind of tiles for use on floors and walls. As we all known, ceramic tiles are made from clay materials and then fired at a certain high temperature, finally finished with a glaze to helps the pattern and colors to be sustained. Normally ceramic tiles are easy to cut because it has softer material and have a PEI 0-3 rating. While porcelain tiles are made by dust pressed methods from porcelain clay, so that it can create a fine grain and smooth face. Because of this process, porcelain tiles offers more water resistance and frost resistance than ceramic tiles. Glazed porcelain tiles offer a surface that is resistant to wear and tear and a harder surface that is great for high traffic areas such as the kitchen or tea room. Full porcelain floor tiles have a color and pattern that follows through to the base of the tile, so the patterns are never worn away like ceramic tiles. From these advantages, porcelain tiles are more perfect for home decoration.

And the protection of Glazed porcelain tiles impervious to wear and tear as well as stains because they are coated with liquid glass, and then baked. While unglazed tiles do not have a coated surface, and due to the color and design being throughout the entire tile so that full body porcelain tiles don't show wear anyhow. These types of tiles have a PEI rating of 0-5 meaning they can be used in any area. PEI classes are 0 through 5. The porcelain enamel institute scale is one that is used to help detect areas that tiles should be used in. The glazed porcelain tiles that have the overall 0 to 5 rating can be used anywhere from no foot traffic to industrial traffic, making them ideal for use in your home.

The Wood Grain Porcelain Tiles made by offers your floors the hard wood appearance with the protection of glazed porcelain. The use of advanced production technology and patented 3D HD inkjet printing process, vivid imitation of the real high-end fine wood grain, realistic nature. Walking in covered natural wood floors, body and mind can be a great relief, enjoy the home in a busy city in quiet and warm. The water absorption rate of these tiles is less than 0.05%, and they are first grade quality porcelain. The thickness of the average tile of this type is 0.4” and the finish is matter, and slightly embossed to have the appearance of wood grain. The PEI rating for these tiles is 4, and they are considered a green building material.

The Marble Look Porcelain tiles has a marble appearance and can be found through many retailers for varying costs. Designed for floor, wall and countertop use, this porcelain flooring tiling offers a water absorption of less than 1% and a slight variation in tone to create a stylish complement for a wide variety of design schemes. This porcelain flooring tiling is marginally skid resistant to suit your needs.


Marble Look Porcelain Tile


Besides above two kind of recommended tiles, AATILE Company also offer other style glazed porcelain tiles to help customers build a perfect home decoration. If you like to get more information, just contact us!

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