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2015 US Ceramic Tile Market Keep Heating Up

2015-12-18 15:29:16
With the US economic recovery,all the ground paving materials are increasingly popular as well as tiles. Market prospects for 2016, US tile business confidence. "Overall, the current consumption is picking up the enthusiasm of consumers, to some extent, the market is more optimistic." Mark Scott, vice president of agricultural Crow Las tile brand marketing, said, "We think the trend will continue well into 2016 years, very good prospects. "
Market demand is expected to grow by 7% per annum
US industry estimates, the period from 2014 to 2017, demand in the US ceramic tile market annual growth of around 7%, consumption will reach 3 billion square feet, vice president of the United States Datai tile (Dal-Tile) brand marketing Kirk said Basil "Construction of the tiles demand driven rebound after bottoming out in 2012 new homes market, the market has been gradually recovering, gradually increasing the number of new homes completed, we expect the new home market will see double-digit growth. In addition, by office and business Pull the building, tile demand of commercial space will be a certain degree of growth relative to carpets and other floor paving materials, ceramic tile prices more affordable, lower maintenance costs, and therefore are increasingly being applied to commercial space . "
In this regard, responsible for Datai home building materials retail and independent distributors. Jim Fanning added: "Now the tile market, product mix and product style has begun to change, and we are trying to lead the market trend we expect single-family. family and multi-family home field tiles demand will grow by 20% -23%. "
From the product point of view, the United States of ceramics companies still attach great importance to consumer needs and design trends. It is a long strip of tile products trends, it is widely used in wall and floor paving, in terms of design, which gives users more choices.
It is reported that, in the wall and floor paving, and vinyl tile increasingly popular, but American designers prefer lineal wood tiles. Ceramic enterprises roughly divided into two categories, one is focused on the technical level, efforts in the specification, development of up to six feet to 5mm thin elongated tiles; the other is dedicated to the surface texture of the tile surface level of sense , color and texture optimization.
With advances in high definition printing technology, this year a series of new surface design, such as imitation rust, steel, plastic, asphalt, etc., to create a space for an ultramodern design and urban ambiance.

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