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AA Tile Sincerely Invite You to be One of Our Wood Look Tile Global Agent

2016-07-30 09:37:54

When it comes to beautifying your home and office, we at AA tiles ensure there is Ample Architectural genius as our name. We ensure this with the investment of diverse elements that deliver vintage and distinguished designs. We understand that beauty of wooden floorings are hard to resist. However, we also acknowledge that the complete to-do list that comes with the maintenance of these tiles is not everybody’s cup of tea. It is really heartwarming when the guests and visitors appreciate the flooring, but soon when the reality of high maintenance knocks the door, the appreciation seems mockery and maintenance is a headache. Thus, on the back of our expertise and know-how we have brought a contemporary substitute of wooden floorings, that are as beautiful as wooden floors yet low maintenance.


And to make it available to you, we recruit global distributors who dedicatedly offer a variety of product and services including floor and wall tiles in ceramic and porcelain material, marble look tiles, wood look tiles, concrete look tiles and glossy tiles. We offer various styles like rustic, monochrome, colorful, modern and classy tiles so, that you can choose from the wide array of products.


Ceramic wood tile, however, is one of our most popular products which includes varieties like Ancient Wood Look Tile, Popular Wood Ceramic Tile Oak Black Wood Texture Tiles, Customized Walnut Wooden Floor, Red Walnut Wood Floor Tiles and Royal Oak Wood Ceramic Tiles.

Who are we ?

AA tiles is a newly established in Quanzhou , China engaged in manufacturing and distribution of premium quality mosaic and tiles. We started our journey with the vision of beautifying the surroundings, cost-effectively.


We are in a continuous process to recruit global distributors ensuring that our products reach everywhere around the world. We have dedicated lines of production units, ensuring high availability. The products are manufactured keeping in mind the high quality of standards which we promise to deliver. We provide customer service of purchase agent, corresponding with factory inspection and quality control services. We have established extensive and close contact with tile manufacturers that we can assist specific orders for customers on the basis of required designs and models.

Wood look ceramic tiles

Most popular product : Wood look ceramic tiles

Wood like ceramic tiles are the most popular products which we offer. This is because the tiles retain the beauty of wooden tiles while they have strength and durability of ceramic tiles. Wooden flooring remain a timeless choice for home and office use, but wooden floors have certain limitations which are taken care by ceramic tiles ensuring durability with the looks.


Unlike wooden floorings, AA ceramic wood look tiles have very low maintenance and needs servicing very rarely. While wood flooring requires great care and maintenance, including waxing and painting when it comes to cleaning , ceramic wood look tiles are easy to maintain and clean. As everyone is aware of the tantrums of the wooden flooring, the wood look tiles offered by us are no less than a bliss: beautiful yet easy to maintain. Thus, it also improves the potential resale value of your property.


Moreover, the variety in the sizes make them a perfectly flexible option for both, indoor and outdoor flooring. Additionally, the ceramic wood tiles offered by us have huge benefits over the traditional wooden flooring when it comes to price, resistance to fire, water and weather. Wooden floors are not resistant to acid spills and fire which are a possibility in kitchen, open area and bathrooms, but ceramic tiles are designed to endure such conditions. The raw material, timber used to make wooden floors requires cutting of trees and the processing of raw wood is expensive and not environmental friendly. Synthetically produced ceramic tiles are a cheaper environment friendly alternative. When used in balconies or parking spaces, etc., the chances of damage to the wooden floor are high as compared to the durable ceramic wood look tile.


They are also prone to termite and insects as compared to wooden floors which, when exposed to termites or moths, begin to decay.

More to come :

Although, we are highly acclaimed and appreciated for our quality and innovation, but we don’t stop there. We are in the process of adding more humanistic features like simulations of bamboos and cement accompanied with texts and designs. We are also working towards enhancing the durability and adaptability by working on the physical performance enhancements. It will also be available in different sizes and designs from the conventional rectangle and square to hexagonal and curved ends with accessories to adapt to various conditions and places.

If you and your team or company has interests in being one of our wood look tile global agent, just call +86 189 5989 6697 for details!

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