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Wall Tiles Are Not Just for Bathroom

2016-09-13 17:31:03
When talking about wall tiles, most people will immediately think of their bathroom at home, because wall tiles can provide waterproofing qualities. However, nowadays, wall tiles are not just limited to the use of bathrooms. They come in a huge range of colors, varying sizes, are pretty cost effective and can be installed by anyone with a little bit of do-it-yourself experience and the right tools, that is why they are excellent in the bathroom.

If you are looking materials to waterproof you bathroom, there are only a few waterproof alternatives, all-in-one plastic shower walls is one of the choices, but these kind of materials are far more expensive than ceramic wall tiles. That is why it can be used in most areas that are susceptible to water, no mater in homes, schools, leisure centers or work premises. But actually wall tiles are not just limited to the bathroom. They are also quite popular in kitchens, especially in the area of wall that is visible from the top of the work-top to the bottom of the suspended wall cabinets and also behind open hob tops where splashes on the wall from boiling liquid in pots and pans can stain painted or wall papered walls. And usually ceramic wall tiles are easy to clean and maintenance, just a few wipes can make them looking as new as the day you installed them, that’s one of the reasons why they are more and more popular in many areas.

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Wall tiles are also becoming popular in main living rooms because of their vast range of colors, sizes and styles can brighten up any room just like bathroom and kitchen. Vivid colors are available which provide a modern splash of color to an entire wall, fireplace or just a small section of the wall. What’s more, homeowners can experiment and really leave an original stamp on their surroundings because they are so easy to install and affordable.

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