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Bring you a taste of new world tiles

2016-12-16 14:31:02

Bring you a taste of new world tiles

While selecting bathroom floor decoration, ceramic tile always No. 1 choice. Tiles are always evolving to provide new and exciting design options that are explosive towards the trend. "The tiles on the trend of the coming year will bring them to the hints of fashion catwalks - we'll see exciting bold graphics, more textures, imitated natural palettes ranging from super bright to dark and dramatic. "

Mainly in the following trends:

Bold and rustic tiles are the key words of this year- reminiscent of 70s of last century's popular graphics, but offer a modern flavor. The combination of colors being used is essentially a neutral hue, leaving the pattern to make all the impact. "It is very unusual to have a complete bathroom with these stylish tiles. Generally speaking, they are mainly used to create a contact center function, a bathroom, whether it is an interesting border or splash, or create A functional wall in the shower.

No surprises here - the colors of today's most fashionable tiles remain neutral, naturally inspired colors. "The colors are inspired by the choice of colors of wood, stone, beach sand and coffee to a large extent over other hue-oriented bathroom colors.These neutrals range throughout the spectrum - from pale white hues, matt gray to dark, everything in between is a popular trend that emphasizes bright shouts out of the neutral background and adds some visual excitement.

Tile textures and properties: the next year is still a hot trend - especially for those with nature-inspired prints, copying materials such as wood, stone and concrete tiles Texture and quality of the printing technology to make this new generation of tiles look very close to the real thing, it is often difficult to distinguish which one is unreal, which one is real.


The biggest trend is undoubtedly the tiles that mimic natural materials such as stone and wood, for example, the use of these tiles allows for the beauty inherent in these natural materials, the practicality of all tiles, for example, a particularly popular tiles are artificial wood tiles - They look like wood , but they are more effective in dealing with any bathroom that is inherent in a wet environment - they will not bend and warp, easy to clean and maintain, more affordable and  last a lifetime. He also noted that texture tiles are great, adding a non-slip quality to your bathroom floor to add security.

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