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Why People Like to Use Wood Look Tile Instead of Wood Flooring?

2016-06-11 10:11:43

People has a lot of options when they are facing on new flooring decoration problem. And factors like cost, appeal, durability and maintenance has become essential when people are considering on picking what type of flooring to apply. Few years ago, this may particularly hold true for hardwood flooring. Because hardwood flooring was very common at that time, and people were also highly sought for this kind of flooring material. But with changing times the cons with hard wood flooring became more evident and therefore the flooring industry came up with an advanced version of flooring called wood look tiles which looked just like real wood but had the durability and strength of tiles.


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The appealing effect of these tiles has taken a hold over all areas as more and more people were favor for this kind of new flooring material instead of real wood. Because wood flooring has a lot many negative factors which include lack of resistance to conditions like heat, moisture, weather, dirt etc. Also wooden flooring is difficult to install and replace. When wood comes in contact with moisture it readily swell and becomes disfigured also when exposed to heat it shrinks or shrivels. And Wood floors require regular polishing and upkeep so that they are difficult to maintain.

So people like to use tiles that have the appeal of wood while the strength of tiles. Wood look tiles are basically composed of materials like ceramic or porcelain. Ceramic tile's mimic the look of wood and can actually be applied to any part of the area whether it is the kitchen,bathroom, dining room or even living space. And wood look ceramic tile needs nearly no maintenance at all. Ceramic tile can be washed with water, applied to open spaces that are exposed to sun and even put around areas that receive heavy traffic like garages and garden spaces.

Wood ceramic tile needs absolutely no expenses in application so they are very cost effective. The limited upkeep and also the upfront cost of ceramic wood look tiles are very reasonable in comparison to many other flooring alternatives. With these reasons, ceramic wood look tiles score well when placed against hard wood flooring.

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