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The Development of Mosaic

2015-12-18 15:29:52
People are not strange with mosaics in daily life , in the early 1980s, it was applied widely in home’s wall and floor. 

Mosaic Decoration Materials
Today , mosaic comeback to form again become the darling of the colorful decoration materials , much avant-garde, fashion families of all ages .
Mosaic is one of the oldest known decorative arts, it is the use of small tiles or small pottery created by the pattern . In the modern , mosaic tile is more of a belonging , which is a special mode of existence brick , generally small by the dozens of pieces of brick to form a relatively large bricks. It is small and exquisite , colorful characteristics of the widely used in small indoor area on the ground , large outdoor wall and a small wall and ground . Due to the small size, they can make some puzzles, produce gradual effect . If you have a large bathroom , lighting effects , and can select , clean certainly better than other tiles.It originated in ancient Babylon . Early Greek marble mosaic most common black and white to match each other . Only the authority of the rulers and the rich rich people can afford artisans.

Mosaic Pattern
Purchased from the material to the performance of this luxury art. When developed to the late Greek mosaic artist enriched to more diversified from work , they need to start smaller gravel pieces , and cut their own small stone to complete a mosaic . To the Roman period, the mosaic has developed very common, and public buildings in general houses floors, walls are used to decorate it , which makes it appear how wealthy Roman time , so luxurious to the incredible Roman architecture degree .
Mosaic is derived from the golden age of the early Christians came to Rome , they were persecuted , only party in the basement and other channels. Since most people were illiterate , so these basement walls have a description of the story of Jesus Christ glass mosaic mural . Constantine the Great legalized Christianity and is touting its Roman Emperor , Constantinople ( Byzantine ) churches are used to decorate a lot of mosaics , more and more use of color , gold was also fired at transparent glass being used . Sicilian mosaics feature is the gold at the end . This Byzantine mosaics almost synonymous with the word . Mosaic uses mainly for wall and floor decoration. Due to its small mosaic of single unit size, a wide range of colors , with infinite combinations , it will be modeling designer and design inspired by the performance of the head, showing much of its unique artistic charm and personality temperament.
Is widely used in guesthouses , hotels, bars , railway stations, swimming pool , entertainment, home wall art parquet floor , and so on. Mosaic mosaic according to the type of material, the process can be divided into several different types, glass mosaic process can be divided in accordance with its single cutting machine , cutting machine and manual cutting and other double-sided , non- glass mosaic can be divided according to its material ceramic mosaic , stone mosaic, metal mosaic , luminous mosaic and so on.

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